Electronic Semiconductor Industry

Our dry cabinets can eliminate potential defects which caused by humidity in IC packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs). With the introduction of lead-free products, proper handling and preservation of these moisture sensitive components (MSDs) has become more important than ever.

That’s why all JAYON dry cabinets are designed to store a variety of moisture sensitive components from humidity and to store a variety of printed circuit boards during production. Our expertise can protect the following types of moisture sensitive components:

Use cases:

1) IC seal

  • Low humidity storage of CSP, BGA and QFP after moisture-proof packaging and unpacking
  • Low humidity storage of PLD

Electro nic Semiconductor Industry 1

Recommended models: 1%~5% RH Fast Dry Cabinet

2) Printed Circuit (PCB)

  • Moistureproof and dehumidification of organic multi-layer sheet and printed wiring board
  • Low-humidity storage of Pattern Film, etc. during manufacturing process.

Electronic Semiconductor Industry 3

Recommended model: 1%~50% RH Dry Cabinet, 20%~60% RH Dry Cabinet

3) Silicon Wafer (Silicon Wafer)

  • Antioxidation
  • Dustproof management, etc.

Electronic Semiconductor Industry 2

Recommended model: Auto Nitrogen Cabinet