Who we are

Hefei Jayon Instrument Equipment Co.,Ltd was China leading Dry Cabinet manufacturer and exporter,located in Hefei,China. We own production bases in Jiangsu.
We’ve accumulated over 20 years’ experience with our own R&D Dept., our products ranges are 20%~60% RH Dry Cabinet, 10%~20% RH Dry Cabinet, 1%~10% RH Dry Cabinet, <5% RH Dry Cabinet, 1%~50% RH Dry Cabinet, Auto Nitrogen Cabinet and Baking Dry Cabinet.

We’ve exported dry cabinets to more than 30 countries. All products are CE certified, and widely applied in electronics,automotive,telecommunications, LED, medicals, semiconductor assembly services, electronics manufacturing services(EMS), military industry and photovoltaic industries. Many electronic factories we served request specific humidity control requirements.We have a professional humidity control R & D team.

What we do

We mainly provide humidity solutions for MSDs(moisture sensitive devices)storage.Our advanced humidity control system can help electronic factories to control product failures caused by moisture, and upgrade their product quality.All our dry cabinets comply with J-STD-033C standard.

Mission statement

Currently we have expanded our team of R & D and sales managers,allowing us to offer state-of-the-art products and service to our partners. We are always open to explore innovative ideas to put our business forward.Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry about Dry Cabinet,Dehumidifying Cabinet and Nitrogen Cabinet.

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